10 questions to find answers Prophet Muhammad (BSL)


  • ISBN: 9782841619566
  • Title: 10 questions to find answers Prophet Muhammad (BSL)
  • Author Aoussat Noureddine
  • Publisher: AL Buraq
  • Collection: C in the pocket
  • No. of Pages: 160
  • Presentation: Hardcover
  • Width: 90
  • Height: 130
  • Weight: 0.30Kg


Product Description

Jesus l’A announced to his Apostles: “I am going to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God, I announce that after me will come a Prophet whose name Paraclete. “The Paraclete, the Greek” Parkletos “is” Ahmad “loué.L’avènement the Prophet Muhammad in the early seventh century, just continue crown and end a long cycle of prophecy, rooted in the distant past of humanity. Ultimate sent from God, sounds d’emblée message is part of a universal and timeless perspective. Every prophet, to defeat the disbelief of his community was to provide evidence of his mission. The support that Moses received from his Lord was a set of hardware and supernatural miracles – including the seven plagues – while Jesus healed lepers, restored sight to the blind and raised the dead by God’s permission. As for the Prophet Mohammad, his greatest miracle was and remains the Quran. A divine word, uncreated and eternal become Book, al-Kitâb.Mais which is the Prophet Muhammad? Who has read the life of this man a quarter of humanity, now every morning, celebrated and observed lessons. But then how to explain that, despite the impressive number of published biographies of Muhammad, there is still so much ignorance and d’incompréhension of this character in the West? Beginning of the founding texts of Islam and strong testimonies inspiring, this book is an invitation to discover the true face of the Prophet Mohammad.On are also key response to the great questions about Islam aujourd’hui.AOUSSAT Noureddine, speaker, marketing consultant and management trainer in Paris and abroad , graduated from the University of Aix-en-Provence.


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