American strategies for the Middle East


  • ISBN: 9782841611027
  • Title: American Strategies for Middle East
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  • Author NOHRA Fouad
  • Publisher: AL Buraq
  • Collection: Understanding the Muslim world
  • No. of Pages: 164
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Product Description

The collapse of the Soviet bloc and the end of the ” cold war ” have resulted in significant changes in American policy analysis. The political doctrines are redesigned, but many theoretical frameworks remain. The” “Middle East” ” (Anglo-Saxon geopolitical category and outside the Arab world) is the subject of a new fixation of American strategists and political scientists. We also find there well the fundamental interests (oil and Israel) that the main targets (designated as the “” Rebels States “” (backlash states). How this new vision of the Middle East she draws? How to explain the current US intransigence vis-à-vis the Arab states? How is it that the Arab political space (and Muslim in general) is used for the rapid construction of new scarecrows in the American imagination, instead of that of “” communism “?” How is it that the speech “” idealistic “” on the US expansion Democratic is perverted so easily in this policy area?How to explain that the concern for legitimacy against the Arab political culture, taken seriously from the forties will be dimmed in favor of a “” gunboat diplomacy “”? “


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