Wisdoms of the Imam Ali


  • ISBN: 9782841611584
  • Title: Wisdom of the Imam Ali
  • Author: Imam ALI BEN ABI TALEB
  • Publisher: AL Buraq
  • Collection: Callart
  • No. of Pages: 196
  • Presentation: Paperback
  • Width: 245
  • Height: 355
  • Weight: 1.00kg


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Product Description

At the dawn of the third millennium AD konvertor cultures and heritages, the Library of the East is pleased to introduce its oldest written book readers Islam, virtually unknown work by the French public, illustrated through a variety of maxims, wisdom and thoughts of Imam Ali (P), drawn from the Path of Eloquence (Nahj al Balaghah). Imam Ali ibn Abi Abitaleb (P), cousin, son and successor of the Prophet Muhammad (P) was the master of the eloquence and rhetoric while the Prince of the Faithful and the Imam of the Pious. His word was inexhaustible, heavy truths that went straight to the heart, raising the enthusiasm of some and disturbing others. This book is a masterpiece of Arabic literature after the Qur’an and the reference par excellence.


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