Matching Game – animals


  • ISBN: 3760038520037
  • Title: Matching Game – animals
  • Subtitle: _
  • Author LANDOULSI, Mahrez
  • Publisher: AL Buraq
  • Collection: Albouraq Youth
  • Presentation: Paperback
  • Width: 270
  • Height: 190
  • Weight: 0.32kg



Product Description

matching game is an educational game that allows the child to discover the different images and the names of animals that are familiar. It is a game of observation and memory. An excellent method, which develops in the child through the letters and words, images and colors, its faculties of attention, memory and matching concentration.Jeu consists of 6 planks and 38 cards. The game is to combine the cards with the same boards image.La part takes place from right to left in the direction of the writing of Arabic. Each player may have one or more boards on the number of players. (The rules are translated in three languages). (From 4 years)


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