Puzzle Salati: My prayer (girl)


  • ISBN: 3760072590027
  • Title: Puzzle Salati: My prayer (girl)
  • Subtitle: _
  • Author LANDOULSI, Mahrez
  • Publisher: AL Buraq
  • Collection: Albouraq Youth
  • Presentation: Paperback
  • Width: 340
  • Height: 380
  • Weight: 0.32kg



Product Description

“On the front,” “Salati” “-” “my prayer” “- is a game that has 54 rooms It breaks down the various gestures of prayer on the back of this puzzle, the child will be familiar with.. several aspects of the Islam 5 pillars, major holidays, the Koran, the shaft of the prophets, the mosque, Mecca, ablution, the five daily prayers .. (two models:. a boys and Girls) very enjoyable and fun. from 4 years. “


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